In the world of SETT, our philosophy is of new thinking. We believe that what you wear should go beyond just an accessory by reflecting your personality and allowing you to feel confident. Empowered by overall fiercely individual styles, resulted in SETT to be born.

Founded in Europe, our story began with the vision of classic made new again. We were on the search to transform the existing men’s jewelry world to one with pieces made for the laid-back timeless style at fair prices. We immediately started to translate our visions into designs by reaching the perfect balance between pieces of nostalgic feel and contemporary elegance.



From polished metals to fine genuine leathers and custom-made ropes, each dynamic SETT piece is handcrafted from materials of premium quality to meet the highest standards. These include .925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, 18k Gold Plating, 18k Gold Vermeil, and precious stones and diamonds. From drawing sketches to final assembly, we design everything in house, source our own materials, as well as stand for fair labor, resulting in ethically produced products. Our solid, well-made products are produced from careful craftsmanship from a team dedicated in providing you with precision and reliability. The smooth and clean structure of each minimalistic and bold design allows for a relaxed fit guaranteeing total comfort all day long.

WHO IS SETT? SETT are the innovators, the dreamers, the urban adventurers, who inspires in all that they do. Our forever unpredictable, yet consistently classic designs define the modern man around the world, allowing you to simply do you.


Our focus is to transform the way men perceive fashion by providing sophisticated, fine-made essentials at fair prices. We are founded on the belief that our accessories will become a well-known destination for every man.