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At Sett and Co we take your style seriously. This means following the latest trends, getting to know our customers, and creating exquisite jewelry pieces to match your evolving tastes.

That in a nutshell is the inspiration for our stunning new zodiac necklace collection. Mixing spirituality with fashion, this chic collection gives you another great way to express yourself, personality, character, style, and all.

3 Constellation necklaces


Zodiac jewelry isn’t a new thing. In fact, it is very possible you already own some. For example, lots of women have rings and pendants featuring their birthstone. So if you’re a Pisces you would have amethyst, a Taurus wears sapphire, and a Capricorn is all about the ruby red. Other traditional zodiac jewelry features a literal representation of your astrological sign with a lion for Leo, ram for Aries, scales for Libra, and a crab for Cancer.

Woman wearing a zodiac necklace with diamond


The new Sett and Co zodiac sign necklace collection, however, takes a subtler approach. Each necklace in our zodiac jewelry series features an 18 karat gold plated disc-shaped pendant set with sparkling diamonds, which are uniquely arranged according to the stars in your constellation. This means the Scorpio necklace will be slightly different from the Gemini necklace, or any other sign. All of our constellation necklaces are crafted with an eye on quality, using the finest materials to ensure your good luck charm lasts. For an added personal touch, you can choose the length of the matching rolo chain that comes with your purchase – anywhere from 16” to a 24” chain, depending on how snug a fit or how much dangle you’re looking to show.

Woman wearing a zodiac necklace with diamond


Every astrological sign, as you know, has its own character and distinct personality traits. We were all born under different stars, after all. As such, your zodiac necklace is a great way to express a little bit more of your very essence.

An Aquarius necklace, for example, showcases your sign’s independent and trendsetting spirit, while a Sagittarius necklace is a great way to demonstrate this sign’s open-minded, adventurous ways. A Capricorn necklace, on the other hand, with its bold, and versatile style, fits this sign’s practical side perfectly.

Aquarius and Capricorn necklaces


As a personalized piece, your constellation necklace can be worn any way you like. If you want, tuck it into your shirt and keep it close to your heart. Or if you prefer, wear it hanging out for all to see. With a gold plated color and diamond mix, your zodiac sign necklace will work really well with any look. This includes outfits like everyday jeans and t-shirts, as well as more fancy wear like faux fur, cashmere, or silken styles on a big night out. Highly distinct in its own right, your zodiac necklace can easily be worn on its own. That being said, if you prefer a little layering, rest-assured it looks great combined with all sorts of other chains too. Whichever way you choose, just be prepared, people are going to absolutely love this piece. Besides a whole lot of compliments, it’s more than likely they’ll end up wanting one as well. Whether you share that information, of course, is up to you.

Zodiac Necklace worn by a woman