Unique, Personalized Bridesmaids’ Jewels for Your Team



Inviting your besties to be your bridesmaids is a big ask. They will run a 24/7 group chat for months, spend countless hours planning your shower and bachelorette, and watch you become bridezilla. Which is why a “will you be my bridesmaid box” is the most necessary way to ask them to participate in your happily-ever-after. In the box, include champagne flute, a bottle of bubbly, and a personalized bracelet that they can wear on the day of and beyond. The Luna Bangle is a dainty, elegant piece that will match well with any formal bridesmaid dress and add a stunning, feminine touch. Choose their first name to engrave on the bangle to acquire a certain wrist sweetness, leaving them to feel both sentimental and honored.


She is your very best friend; she knows you as well as you know yourself- sometimes even better. She stayed up with you all night when you had your first heart break, she tells you the truth when you do not like it and is just as weird as you are. Overall, she is a lot more than a friend, she is a sister, a partner, a mother, and roommate. When it comes to your BFF, you need an extra special gift to ask her to be your maid of honor. The Luna Square Necklace will deliberate your utmost love and symbolize the devoted connection between the two of you, that she is sure to love (and say yes!). Plus, it is a classic and exquisite piece to match any dress.


Keep Calm and Get Your Bachelorette On! The day has come after the nutty amounts of planning, from endless hours of karaoke and throwing back vodka martinis, your bachelorette could not have been any better. After all the pampering you have received from your bride gang, now it is your turn to return the favor. The Heart Jewelry Dish in Gold Plating is just the right bachelorette party gift to give to your girls as a token of appreciation for all their hard efforts. Inscribe their initials in the dish, for a personal touch for them to keep their treasures in.


You are absolutely glistening with joy and the wide grin has not wiped off your face during the wild ride you have been on the past few months with your girls. You have laughed together, cried together, and even fought together, leading up to one of the most important days of your life. You cannot thank them enough and in simple words you just feel- lucky. In order to return a small keepsake of your gratitude, The Serenity Ring is a flawless gift for your bridesmaids. The graceful, precious ring is the perfect everyday reminder of the love you have for them. Get one for yourself as well, so the entire team can wear it together the day of.