How to Host the Perfect Galentine’s Day Event



Throw it back with an old-school personal hand-written invitation. Show your fave gal pals how much you care with this personal gesture. Add a cute sentence to each invite describing what each friend means to you or even an inspirational quote by a strong woman- girl power!


V-day themed drinks. Duh. Think in the direction of pink strawberry sangria with pink heart straws or flutes filled with champagne and Sparkling Ice, Cherry Limeade topped with cotton candy or even lovely heart-shaped Jell-O shots. Okay you got the idea. Create a station for the girls to make delicious cocktails and celebrate ladies celebrating ladies.


Get the guests pumped about ‘gramming the event. Set your home with décor that the girls would love. Start on Pinterest and draw a mood board which will help you lean towards a specific style and aesthetic, making shopping for a theme so much more effortless. Once you’ve picked your festive palette, head over to the party store and grab a super-cute disposable party set, adorable table settings and unique centerpieces. Lastly, create a perfect backdrop of course, because nothing beats a backdrop. Create one behind your tablespace. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?


Heart shaped pizza. Need I say more?
Pink hot chocolate with a few shots of whipped cream.
Apps: everyone loves bite sized nibbles. Mini croissant sandwiches.
Funfetti strawberry pancakes.
Chocolate-covered strawbs.
And lastly, get a little sophisticated with a fancy-shmancy charcuterie board.


Have a bunch who really like to DIY? Create a DIY corner for your best lady friends to create something cute to bring home. Our idea: create a calming bath soak corner or a donut-decorating station! Or play a round of secret cupid. It’s like secret Santa but V-day edition. Everyone picks a name out of a hat and shows up with a gift.


Get your cozy on. Tell your girls to ditch the makeup and throw on their coziest pajamas. Hand out some face masks and make it a cheesy rom-com marathon movie night. (Like the best sleepover you had as a kid, but with wine.)