Top 10 Fun Things to Do at Home


I’m bored in the house, in the house bored. Out-binged Tiger King, Love is Blind, or any other Netflix series? Have you too given in to the TikTok craze and are making videos on the daily? Nailed your WFH routine and at-home wardrobe? Learned how to co-exist with your partner? Still bored? The team at Sett and Co has got your covered with our top ten fun, inspirational, and productive things to do at home while we are self-isolating to keep boredom at bay. You’re welcome.

Sett and Co’s activity ideas

1. Organize and clean out your wardrobe and jewelry box:

It’s time to get rid huns. Get rid of items that you have not worn in the last year, including coordinating clothes into outfits, so it will be easier to get dressed in the mornings. This is a super great opportunity to get inspired by new outfits, rediscover your favorite jewelry pieces, and donate to charity.

2. Evening drinks-

as date night and girls night have now become Zoom dates so we can keep up with everything going on in our closest one’s lives, make sure to make the most of it, pour yourself a drink, cut up some cheese with crackers, and get dressed up as if you were actually leaving the house.

Sett and Co Jewelry Box

3. Make a photo album-

remember your girls trip to the Bahamas in 2014 or your family camping trip at the lake back in 2010? Take the time to eternalize these memories by making a photo album or scrapbook. At the same time, delete and backup pictures in your phone, to make space and sure you don’t lose them in the future.

4. Start a blog-

Use this at-home time to start a blog and share your thoughts or what you are into. Whether it is fashion, sports, cultural topics, or even a self-diary of your time at home- get creative! Most bloggers like to use WordPress.

Sett and Co’s activity ideas

5. Bake-

Always wanted to have fresh banana bread on the table every week or learn how to master crème brule? Take this time to learn something new, you will find that a simple delicacy like baking channels many positive vibes and can be very therapeutic.

6. Yoga-

I be up in the lounge just working on my fitness. Can’t attend your gym classes these days? Transform your living room into your own yoga studio and meditate it out!

Sett and Co’s activity ideas

7. Make a travel bucket list-

Jot down all the places you have yet to explore, the food you would love to try, and the attractions you would love to see. Get inspiration from Pinterest for all the trips you would want to take whether with your best gal pals or your partner.

8. Learn a foreign language-

Challenge yourself! Teach yourself French or Italian over this month and blow your friends and family’s minds plus prepare for your next getaway. There are many apps that can help with this for free, so no excuses for putting this off anymore!

Sett and Co’s activity ideas


We cannot stress this activity enough. A DIY activity is super relaxing and fun to create something on your own. Make your own candles or bath salts or even build yourself that shelf you’ve been wanting for your plants on the balcony!

10. Get Green-

now is the perfect time to pot up some vegetables and herbs, which you don’t even need a garden to do so. Grow spinach, potatoes, and carrots in containers, making life totally easier for you when it’s hard to get to the supermarket.

Sett and Co’s activity ideas