A Mother’s Day Interview with Kelly Allen



With Mother’s Day around the corner, we sat down with one of our favorite Sett and Co young moms and inspiration-setters, Kelly Allen, on her take on motherhood, work-life balance, and life mottos.

Kelly Allen Kelly on Instagram: @kelly.d.allen

Q What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mom?

A Maybe not surprising, but I underestimated the level of patience I would need. Especially as my kids have become older and more independant. Trying to gain more everyday!

Q Best advice for maintaining a work/motherhood balance?

A Time management is definitely key. Any empty space I have to shoot content for brands - I take advantage of because pretty soon someone is going to ask me for a snack.

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Q Words of wisdom you live by?

A Don’t say “I should do this” either choose to do it or not.

Q Best approach to style vs. motherhood?

A I definitely style and dress myself how I wish and don’t factor motherhood into in necessarily. Whatever makes me feel confident and good will help my attitude stay positive throughout the day!

Q Best lesson your Mom gave you?

A Pick your battles.

Q Fill in the blank: This Mother's Day, I want ________

A to relax? Maybe have a hot bath?

Kelly Allen with family

Q Chicest mom you know?

A I don’t know* her in real life but Yasmin Sewell has been my fashion icon for years and years.

Q What is your favorite 'empowering women/girl power' song?

A Cherry Bomb

Throwback name ring - Kelly Allen Kelly chose the Throwback name ring
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