Pride x Sett and Co



At Sett and Co, we pride on the fact that we are our authentic selves and allow ourselves to be whoever we want to be. Our collections are powerful pieces of personal expression reflecting on one’s attitude and personal style. As many pieces of ours can be customized according to one’s liking, each and every piece truly represents all that is YOU!


In honor of pride month, we are taking a moment to reflect on the past year. We are here to remind everyone to let your feet take you wherever your heart wants to go. Tackle every obstacle in life with positivity and awareness; pursue your dreams and goals. We thrive to create jewelry pieces to be as sensuous and free as yourself. Our goal is to teach others to create a space of equality, love, and respect. We have made a total commitment to fostering a community of equality, inclusion, and belonging.


Each piece in this collection was designed with the intention to get your sparkle on. Every piece is a classic staple that any woman should have as a part of her weekend wardrobe. With intricate diamonds and flashes of sparkle, each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings will make you stand out in the crowd by how bright they shine. The collection is meant for spectacular adventures, so let your feet wander, your eyes marvel, and your soul ignite.


The inspiration behind our rainbow jewelry collection and the power that it harnesses is that each piece allows individual to express themselves in any which way they desire and show their true colors! Each bright and bold piece is a reminder to live and express life in color. Each piece was designed with the symbol of love, connections, and community in mind. The Rainbow Necklace, Rainbow Bracelet, and Dainty Rainbow Ring are fun and effortless styles with pops of vibrant colors that represent brave decision, diversity, and courageousness.

.. Remember all you need is LOVE, as love is truly a gift.