SETT’S designs are a combination of timeless, yet innovative craftsmanship fused with riveting and exceptional materials. In order to ensure your jewelry piece retains its proper form, follow the following care instructions for the materials used in your piece.

For Gold Plating, Silver, and Stainless Steel cleaning:

Soak your jewelry piece in a bowl of water and mild detergent-free soap.Dip a light soft-bristled brush into the water mixture and gently scrub your piece. This will help your pieces to receive a thorough cleaning. Rinse your piece carefully and lightly dry the piece by gently patting with a soft microfiber cloth

*Silver polish or dip-style cleaning solutions are not recommended.

Follow the following tips to ensure you are properly upkeeping your jewelry pieces:

Since salt water and chlorine can affect your pieces, remove your jewelry before swimming. Avoid exposing jewelry to extreme humidity or heat to prevent any tarnishing.Avoid wearing during exercise, extreme sports, and excessive sweating. Do not apply excessive lotions while wearing. Remove your jewelry at night.


SETT uses flexible, yet durable leather in our collections:

To clean leather, use a damp sponge, mild soap, and cold water. Wipe off excess moisture. Do not wear leather in water.