Product & General Info
How to take care of my SETT jewelry?

Please visit our Jewelry Care Guide.

Warranty Conditions


Our watches are designed according to high-quality standards. Your watch is covered by our limited warranty that is valid for twenty-four months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any malfunction occurring from defective parts or workmanship.

If your watch is returned during the warranty period, we will repair any defective product or watch-part at no additional expense, once the product is returned.


1. Damage, accidental or otherwise, not caused by defect of material or workmanship.

2. Damage to the finish of the case, crystal, bracelet, strap or any other watch-part caused by wear.

3. Battery lifetime.

4. Moisture damage to a product not marked "water resistant" on the back or on the dial.

5. Damage caused by failure to test and reseal the watch after battery change.

Contact our customer service team if you have experienced any defect to your watch that is covered by our warranty. Please include a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.


At SETT & co. , our jewelry is made of high-quality materials and stones.

Warranty is guaranteed 1 year for all items.

Please note the warranty does not cover lost or stolen cases.

How can I make a special request?

If you wish to add a personal touch to you jewelry, please contact our Customer Care Team. Please include your product ID when making your request.

How to determine the right chain length?

Please visit our Chain Size Guide to determine your size.

How do I determine my bracelet size?

Please visit our Bracelet Size Guide to determine your size.

How to determine my ring size?

Please visit our Ring Size Guide to determine your size.

Is your jewelry made of real precious metals?

Yes, all our precious metals are purchased from government certified vendors and are marked for authenticity.

All our silver jewelry is made of 0.925 sterling silver, and all our gold jewelry is made of solid gold, with a purity level that is indicated on the item (9k, 10k, 14k or 18k).

You can find all item-related information on each individual product page under the "Information" tab.

Is your jewelry nickel free?

All our products are 100% nickel-free (excluding white gold ).